Friday, October 26, 2012

Profile in Card Making

Last year, Operation Write Home sent 649,497 handmade cards* to Heroes serving overseas.  I wanted to share with you the story of one OWH card maker, Kathy Asper, aka Mrs Asperin of Wisconsin.  Kathy made her first batch of 241 cards (one boxful) last October while recovering from hip replacement surgery.  When I found out about Kathy and the volume of cards she has donated, I decided to ask questions and pick up some tips in the hopes of inspiring those new to card making.  Here is our exchange:

Susan (me): What inspired you to send your first card to OWH (or other organization)?
Kathy: After visiting the OWH website, seeing the tutorials and sample cards, and especially receiving
the emails from Sandy, I was hooked!

Susan: For those new to cardmaking, just making one card takes quite a bit of time....Do you
make the first one, and then make multiples? Or do you just start with an idea and make
multiples from the get-go?
Kathy:  I usually spend a few cards to start with. Then, spend quite a bit of time experimenting with different colors, papers, techniques, embellies, etc. until I find one that I like. THAT then becomes my template for multiples. I either put this original in an A2 cellophane envy, (so that I don’t accidentally use it!) or scan/take a photo for future reference.

(Above) Grouping of hand made card by Kathy Asper

Susan: What is your favorite time-saving tool in creating many cards at a time?
Kathy: Paper trimmer.  I have a hard time cutting a straight line without one! And I like my deckle edge

Susan: Where do you get inspiration/ideas for the layout?
Kathy: Blogs, Cardmaker Magazine Card Swap members, OWH and in my own little head!

Susan: What is your favorite holiday to make cards for?
Kathy: Christmas, closely followed by Easter.

Susan: Do you ever get help from family members or friends when making a large group of

Kathy: I’m a hyperactive adult who needs to be “busy” when riding in a car or watching TV. So... a lot of coloring and fussy cutting has occurred while watching Netflix programs or going on day trips with my beloved hubby. My church has a monthly stamp/scrap club (we affectionately call ourselves “Scrampers!”) that helped to assemble some of these cards. They asked to help on the next batch, too!

Susan: What are some words of advice you would tell someone just starting in cardmaking
that you learned in the beginning?

Kathy: View the OWH tutorials and use sketches!

Susan: What pitfall would you advise a new cardmaker to avoid?
Kathy: Make sure to have enough adhesive on hand and some extra blades for your paper trimmer.

Susan: Do you have a personal connection or reason that drives your cardmaking?
Kathy: Several friends and family members have served in Afghanistan and other places around the globe. I pray for them, and send card packages, but wished that I could do more. OWH helped meet that wish!

Susan: Any additional comments?
Kathy:  Would like to thank those who support OWH, and especially appreciate the dedication of the OWH team that gets our cards to our Heroes!

(Above) Photo of Kathy and as she describes her "cheerleader for all things crafty, my hubby of 35 years, my best friend, Rich."
* Source Operation Write Home 2011 Annual Review

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  1. Thanks, Susan, for the posting. Am now working on a box of Valentine and Spring cards. Can't wait to use a wonderful motorcycle stamp that I ordered from your shop. Since I live in WI, home of all things Harley, couldn't resist it!Will make sure to send a photo of the finished creations.